guitar virtuoso Irron

insanely fast shred guitar soloist Irron R. Collins IV
worlds first guitar player to bring fully diminished scales beyond the traditional arpeggio sequences into the world of fully diminished

virtuoso guitar soloist Irron

irron all seeing eye of souls
souls from realms of lite and dark reaching into your head thru the sound of guitarist Irron


Irron guitar soloist virtuoso

irron guitar recording session
moon child energy, macrocosmic telepathy, soul of fire

若いギター virtuoso Irron

Irron virtuoso guitar, hollow soul, burning and want
Angel of light reincarnate, user of magic, death and change

Diminished scale, Irron guitar soloist virtuoso

Irron diminished scale, electric universe
Irron shreds guitar in ultracolor, electric universe, telepathic guitar, soul of water and ice

guitar soloist Irron R. Collins IV insanely fast guitar virtuoso

worlds fastest guitar players
Industrial shred musical genre begins with Irron R. Collins IV

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Ive have studied with much passion and diligence in my short time. I would like to recommend tone woods alder, ash, birch, mohogany, maple, ebony, and purple heart wood. Some equipment I like would include Mercury Magnetics, Jackson Guitars, Seymour Duncan, Marshall Amplification, Fender Amplifiers, Mesa Boogie, Soldano, Bogner and Orange Amplification. Also the TC Electronics 2290, Eventide Eclipse, Drawmmer DS201 Gate, Kush Audio UBK Mod, Furman PF Pro R, MXR Phase 90, Morley Pro Phase, Korg DT-1 Pro Tuner, Morely Classic Wah, Vox, FU-Tone, and Maestro Tape Echo to name a few. I would also like to recommend a few of the guitar players who have styles similar to my own, such as Uli Jon Roth, Alex Masi, Les Townsend , Tony McAlpine, George Lynch, Mike Wead, David Shankle, Yngwie Malmsteen, Buckethead, Jeff Loomis, Vinnie Moore, Stephan Forte, Paul Gilbert, Rusty Cooley, Andy LaRouche, Issac Lamb, Tim Dubie, Marzi Montazeri, and Larry Barragan. Special thanks to My family as well as

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